Youth Team Training

We train your youth teams to practice basic exercise fundamentals, such as mastering body weight exercises, body awareness, team building, learning form, coordination, balance, conditioning, agility and increasing athleticism! Most importantly we make it FUN for them!

Call or Text Derek at 267-987-5355 to inquire about scheduling and pricing for your team.

Personal Training

This is our specialty. We individualize training protocols to properly fit your specific needs, skill levels, demands, previous injuries, training history & most importantly goal. This is a personal feel, where we can really be hands on and truly get you from point A to point B using a structured plan that we hold you accountable to, in a safe & progressive way over time! This also includes nutrition consultations, off day work outs, and personal goal setting!

Group Classes

Cardio & Core Class

What a great way to develop energy in an awesome environment using modern day cardio methodologies & equipment, to help speed the metabolism, torch fat and get you into shape! The class is a move at your own pace, for all skill levels, circuit format, that anybody can come too!
Also we utilize proper progression in our core training to help develop your low back, get the core stronger, 6 pack & to prevent back pain!

Bootcamp Class

This class is a fan favorite. This is what we refer to as metabolic resistance circuit training. In this class we practice proper progressions of push ups, squats, lunges, pulling exercises as well as core exercises. This is also a great option for FUN, motivation, fat loss & strength training! Move at own pace! Circuit format. All skill levels welcome!

Mobility Class

This is an incredible addition to your program and training week here at FF.
We use a wide variety of modern day tissue repair techniques, mobility, flexibility, breathing, drills in a circuit fashion to help you to prevent, undo injury as well as destress & recover! Recovery is vital to health!